Flickr in Drupal 7

Flickr and API Key​

As a pre requisite, you must have a Flickr account. I recommend having a Pro account (only $25 / yr)

Once you have an account and are signed in, you need to create an API key. You can get this by going to the /account section of Flickr
Click on the "Sharing & Extending" tab
Under your API keys, create a new API key and write down the Key and Secret somewhere safe.

Flickr Gallery Module​

Next, download, install, and enable the FlickrGallery module

After you enable the module, in Drupal go to the configuration page at /admin/config/media/flickr

Chances are, you will need to download and place phpFlickr.php inside sites/all/libraries/phpFlickr: (Drupal will give you a warning if so)

You'll also need your Flickr ID, which you can conveniently get from here:

This is the screen you should see that will allow you configure your Flickr integration:

Flickr Settings Image

Final Touches

Make sure you download and enable the lightbox2 module

Then change the settings under Flickr Settings and modify the CSS styling to fine-tune the output display.

More Information​

You can watch my demo, which starts off by explaining how to setup Flickr in Drupal 6 using the media and media-flickr modules, which allows for a more fine-tuned Flickr integration, but is also significantly more difficult to setup.